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  January 12, 2021  
Hannah U.
Only one inaudible section! Well done!
  January 11, 2021  
The font and style of the captions is not visually pleasing and it doesn't seem like there is a way to edit these.
  January 11, 2021  
Sam H.
Accurately transcribes. It would be a struggle without them.
  January 11, 2021  
Paul M.
Wonderful service and standard as always. Thank you
  January 9, 2021  
Next Actor S.
Sadly we received a less than poor performance on the transcript of our latest project, with missing segments, incomplete transcript, and incorrect timestamp. We had to hire another professional to manually do the entire transcript, costing us more money and valuable time as we missed our deadline. We were going to get our closed caption done next, but luckily realized we did not yet order it, as we cannot afford to lose more money and time. We have worked with Rev before on closed caption in multiple projects, and never had any problem. But now with this fiasco, and no refund offered for an undone job, we have decided to look elsewhere for all our transcript and closed caption needs.
  January 8, 2021  
Deeva G.
I chose Caption and received a Transcript. I wrote the film. I did not need a written transcript. I needed Closed Caption in a timely manner. My deadline date suffered and I lost an opportunity. I submitted to Customer Service the issue and did not receive a resolution other than you got what you paid for. I'm no longer a happy customer of this service. The response I received explains the formatting. This is not the first time I used your service for Closed Captioning. Im very aware of the process and how its formatted. This is the same information I received along with you get what you pay for. So for me this is the same mute answer. First experience was wonderful. This experience was terrible. I dont understand how explaining your formatting to a current customer that has used your services in the same way recently is a resolution to the problem.
  January 7, 2021  
Ed W.
Highly recommended and reasonable cost
  January 6, 2021  
Accuracy as promised and editable. The work of is a much worthwhile investment. Saved multiple man hours. Thank you.
  January 6, 2021  
Excellent transcription!
  January 4, 2021  
Karl P.
Fast, efficient + accurate
  January 1, 2021  
Devra Hall L.
As always, the quality was excellent.
  December 31, 2020  
Transcribed technical words and understood my Australian accent perfectly. Great job. Thank you.
  December 28, 2020  
Professionalism!! Speed!! Excellent transcription
  December 23, 2020  
Cool C.
Quick turnaround Very accurate transcribing
  December 23, 2020  
Con K.
Amazing service! I accidentally sent the wrong files to be processed and I was give a full credit to use the next time. The work was also spot on! Can’t recommend highly enough.
  December 21, 2020  
S J.
As I have come to be used to, Rev has done an excellent job!
  December 21, 2020  
Paul L.
A great service for interviews, meetings, and more. Very accurate, reasonably priced, and quick turnaround. I use it a few times a week. It is an invaluable tool.
  December 18, 2020  
Matthew S.
Fast and accurate turnaround. Well done!
  December 16, 2020  
We tried out Rev with a short 90 second video, and we received the completed file back with subtitles in EIGHT minutes! Absolutely amazing and crazy cheap. All the subtitles were correct and no editing was needed. Will definitely use again for future videos.
  December 15, 2020  
Rob W.
worked exactly as expected