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  June 15, 2020  
Turned our job around really fast. Got our company name wrong in all videos and there were other mistakes but it was easy for me to make changes.
  June 14, 2020  
Patrick K.
Quick response. Transcriptions are not complete and need review.
  June 13, 2020  
Kate B.
Sometimes it works, other times not. I need it to be reliable.
  June 12, 2020  
Dan S.
The work was accurate and very quick. Thank you.
  June 12, 2020  
John Scott L.
Fast turn-around.
  June 11, 2020  
Great! I always use rev
  June 11, 2020  
Robert B.
Customer service and response time for transcriptions is great.
  June 11, 2020  
Peter D.
Amazing tool and service ... I highly recommend this SAAS.
  June 10, 2020  
Gavin R.
You guys did an excellent job. Thanks for the quick turn around and professional care you gave my project. Gavin
  June 10, 2020  
Did a great job. Thx
  June 9, 2020  
Lynda J.
Timely and accurate. The cost was reasonable also. Very pleased and will use again.
  June 9, 2020  
Jodie W.
Easy to sign up. only took 28 minutes to turn around first transcription.
  June 9, 2020  
Brandee G.
I received my transcript in just a couple of hours and found it to be highly accurate. I will use Rev for my next transcript. Thanks for the great service!
  June 8, 2020  
Lydia M.
I work in a technical scientific field and it is clear that Rev employees are going to extra lengths to ensure that they are getting terminology correct. By far, my favorite transcription and captioning service!!
  June 8, 2020  
Narelle T.
Spot on transcription and done fast.
  June 8, 2020  
Quick and accurate, can't ask for anything more!
  June 7, 2020  
Edward T.
Very efficient and inexpensive!
  June 7, 2020  
So fast, so accurate! Good deal! I'm budgeting for this in every future research project I do!
  June 7, 2020  
Rex B.
Amazing accuracy for a persin with a sodt vouce
  June 6, 2020  
Donna R.
Fast turnaround and excellent transcription. Thank you, this saves me hours of time.