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  June 17, 2021  
Andres A. P.
Quick and accurate. I’ll definitely use Rev again!
  June 14, 2021  
Quality product at an excellent price. Rev helps us ensure that accessibility stays top of mind for all our video projects.
  June 11, 2021  
unbelievably efficient
  June 9, 2021  
So far the captions have been spot on. I have also called in for help and both representatives were Great! Very helpful and very supportive.
  June 7, 2021  
Mrs B.
Fast, efficient and easy to use.
  June 4, 2021  
Always reliable and quick. Turnaround is incredible, thank you.
  June 3, 2021  
A couple of words I needed to edit, like change breaks to brakes - but it was good work.
  June 3, 2021  
I always rave about Rev. This will continue to be my go to transcription service. Thanks!
  May 27, 2021  
Timothy M.
The captions done for my movie were amazing. I'm only guessing at this, but it seemed like the captioner enjoyed creating them since they were so carefully done. My mind would be blown if it was done by AI.
  May 20, 2021  
Tyler B.
I love and I recommend it to anyone who needs this type of service. Really love what they do.
  May 18, 2021  
Thomas S.
Just does what they say it does, it works! I wish the AI-based service were more accurate, but hope it will improve over time. I use it when I don't need verbatim, otherwise I spring for the human transcription! Very happy as a long-time user.
  May 18, 2021  
Very pleased with the accuracy of the transcriptions
  May 17, 2021  
It's ok. Better than the automatic youtube subtitles, but still required a lot of work on my end, as some of the subtitles were not aligned, some contained grammatical errors. The support has responded quickly and I got a refund for the ones with grammatical errors. I did not query the second video as I needed to get it out and did not have the time for the back and forth.
  May 17, 2021  
Jeff S.
Ordered a transcription. There were a number of glaring mistakes in the transcript. Contacted Rev support, and they said it still passed their quality checks, and the only thing they would do was to remove the person who had transcribed it from doing any other transcriptions for us in the future. Would only recommend using them if you don't have a big budget and need to go with the cheapest, and have the time to double check everything and fix all the mistakes yourself. Otherwise if you value your time, then spend a little more and go with someone who can guarantee a much lower error rate.
  May 15, 2021  
Fast quality work! I’m an Executive in a Senior Position and needed to get a recording transcribed. Impressed with the quality of the transcript and the quick turnaround time!
  May 11, 2021  
Sylvie D.
I love I could have an entire course outline in 5 minutes or so, got the text in the same day edited. Boum, it's done. I love that. Now I am using it to create the course content, the exercises and everything I need to finish the production of the course. is a great tool to become very productive and effective.
  May 11, 2021  
The F.
Great service! fast delivery
  May 11, 2021  
Keith M.
Excellent job and service. Job was done promptly and efficiently! Customer service was awesome!
  May 9, 2021  
jon w.
I am very pleased with the quality of the transcript you just provided me. there were a few place names and the like, which would have bee difficult to transcribe, but your recording-to-document editor made them easy to fix.
  May 7, 2021  
I was in a vehicle accident over a weekend and didn’t have enough time to transcribe a video for a graduate class. I used Rev’s services and turnaround was under 4 hours without paying extra for expedited time. All in all, it was completely accurate and very fast delivery. It saved my grade and was relatively cheap!

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