Captions: How it Works

An overview of Rev's captioning process
Send us files

免费成人在线视频4 easy ways to send videos to Rev:

  • Upload videos from your computer
  • Share a public URL
  • Link your Youtube, Vimeo, or other integration account
  • Automate uploads with your LMS or CMS, our API, or Zapier integrations

Rev can handle files with:

  • Specialized, industry-specific vocabulary
  • Multiple speakers
  • Diverse accents
  • Difficult audio

免费成人在线视频Share glossaries, speaker names, and scripts for every video so we capture them correctly.

50,000+ professionals go to work

Rev has a large network of professional captioners in the U.S.

免费成人在线视频Vetted native English-speaking experts caption videos 24/7 on our platform.

Our innovative platform helps the team work accurately and efficiently:

  • We build tools in-house and invest in continuous improvement
  • We then pass these benefits to you for $1.25 per video minute
Quality review

免费成人在线视频Rev maintains 99% accuracy standards.

Rev captioners are required to meet rigorous quality standards before working on customer files.

Our team of reviewers works with captioners to ensure that files are ready for delivery.

Receive your files

Captions are delivered to you in under 24 hrs for most files < 30 min.

Review, edit, and annotate captions alongside audio with our interactive tools, then share and export in your preferred format.

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