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The First-Ever Annual Rev Guide to Gifts You Shouldn’t Get Your Nieces & Nephews


RevBlogRev AnnouncementsThe First-Ever Annual Rev Guide to Gifts You Shouldn’t Get Your Nieces & Nephews

免费成人在线视频We consulted The List. In fact, we checked it twice. And, upon extensive study and reflection: You’ve all been very nice!

免费成人在线视频So, as a special gift this year (and to encourage more of the same behavior next year), we got you a little something. We call it The First-Ever Annual Rev Anti-Gift Guide. Think of it as “Rev Things You Shouldn’t Give Others, But Especially Not Your Little Nieces or Nephews.”

免费成人在线视频Basically, it’s a list of stuff to make your audio-to-text life easier. The only catch is that none of this stuff makes a great gift for, say, your 8-year-old nephew, Clancey.

So please, don’t get him any of this stuff, for his sake.

The Rev Anti-Gift Guide 2019

Don’t Give The Rev Online Voice Recorder

The surest way to sour Clancey’s Christmas morning: Get him a free desktop application. As an eight-year-old, he can’t quite appreciate the fact that this is a completely plug-in-free way to make MP3s, straight from your browser. Our OVR is great for innumerable reasons, but that won’t help Clancey overcome the disappointment that you didn’t get him a Nintendo or even some Playdoh. So while you can now record your audio from your computer’s mic and download an MP3 at no cost免费成人在线视频, remember that’s a gift for you, not for poor little Clancey.

Don’t Give Rev Folders

For some, giving the gift of tidiness might be a bit… risky. For Clancey, who is now a full-blown third-grader, it’s legitimately dangerous. The fact is that there are only a few kids who can truly appreciate the gift of organizational efficacy, and your eight-year-old nephew is not among them. But you’ve been asking for ways to store and organize files, and since you’ve been such good customers, we had to do it. Now we have and bulk move免费成人在线视频, to make organizing much easier. Again, do not tell Clancey that’s what you got him for the holidays.

Don’t Give The Rev Voice Recorder App

How about an app that doubles as a free voice recorder? Doesn’t sound like something Clancey would enjoy — now that you think about it — does it? If it does, you don’t know Clancey like we know Clancey. Even if you tell him we recently revamped the whole thing, made it more user-friendly and much, much faster, he’s just not going to have a good time with it. Oh, and it absolutely won’t matter we have the added bonus of the . Not to Clancey.

Don’t Give Rev.Ai

免费成人在线视频If you really wanna pump Clancey up to let him down, tell him you got him something with “Artificial Intelligence” in it. Then, send him a link to , which does indeed use state-of-the-art peerless AI for speech-to-text dominance… but not in any discernible science-fiction way. Clancey won’t appreciate that Rev.Ai beats Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in Word Error Rate, even though he most definitely should. To be fair, he’s only 8. Give him time.

Don’t Give The Rev Resource Hub (Or the Help Center)

Of course, you love how easy Rev makes it to answer your questions. But the name of these two alone should tell you that Clancey has no interest in them. Right now, he’s got his hands full with long division and state capitals. He has no interest in comprehensive how-to’s免费成人在线视频 for marketing video content on social media, or how to upload captions to Adobe Premiere Pro. Even worse? Clancey doesn’t even have a Rev account so how could our new possibly help him resolve his pressing questions regarding his orders, billing, or profile? This might actually be the worst gift you could give him. You might as well give him a toothbrush.

Don’t Give a Toothbrush

免费成人在线视频Seriously, he’ll never forgive you.

免费成人在线视频Happy Holidays to You and Yours!