Rev Engineering by the Numbers

Rev Engineering by the Numbers

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Welcome to the new Rev engineering blog! This will be a place for us to share our technical thoughts, and a way for you to get a peek into life at Rev. We think documenting things here will help us formalize some of our values, and provide us a running history of challenges we’re facing and conversations we’re having. We hope that having these conversations in a more public forum will not just benefit Rev, but allow other engineers and their organizations to learn from our experiences.

Here are a few topics to expect from us:
  • How Rev does (and the role it played in the creation of this blog)
  • Rev’s engineering values
  • How we interview
  • Establishing our front-end build
  • Engineer profiles
  • How Rev supports remote engineers
  • How we approached migrating our files to

Are there other topics you’d like to see us cover? Tell us in the comments.

免费成人在线视频That’s all coming soon, but to give you a quick introduction to engineering at Rev here’s Rev Engineering By the Numbers:

  • Engineers: 56
  • Teams: 13
  • Largest team: 7 engineers
  • Smallest team (4-way tie): 3 engineers
  • Offices: 2 (San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX)
  • Remote engineers: 15
  • filed: 27,945
  • Jira issues closed: 24,898
  • Releases: 1004
  • Commits: 28,365
  • Branches: 184
  • Tests written: 53,923
  • Secondary repositories: 106

Sound like a place you’d like to work? Check out our careers page.

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