Rev Announces Brightcove Marketplace Integration


Sep 28, 2021

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The Rev team is proud to announce we are strengthening our partnership with as they launch their . Rev has provided caption services to Brightcove users since early 2019 and we are excited to continue our partnership.

The past 18 months have shown everyone that digital connections are crucial. And as video content remains in high demand across industries so, too, does the need to appeal to wider audiences. For companies and individuals alike wanting to expand their reach, accessibility must be a key focus.

The Brightcove Marketplace connects Brightcove customers and prospects with vendors building integrations and applications with the Brightcove platform. Now, users can seamlessly connect with the world’s most accurate speech-to-text engine at and apply live, real-time video captions.

“We at Rev have always believed that captioning is an essential feature of any and all video, whether for work, education, or fun,” said Rev CEO Jason Chicola. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Brightcove and help make our highly accurate, scalable, and easy-to-use captioning services accessible to even more users. We’ve worked closely with Brightcove to eliminate as many points of friction as possible so that our shared customers may maximize the value of their video content.”

How do I set up ?

  1. Create a Rev account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Ensure your Rev account has a payment source
  3. Add a new linked account on
  4. Register Brightcove application
  5. Input Brightcove credentials
  6. Click “Link” to finish setting up your Brightcove integration

** See detailed instructions **

Rev’s captions are an easy solution to expand accessibility, ensure video compliance, and increase both general viewership and engagement. Our inclusion in the Brightcove Marketplace should help expand the reach of videos for many more users.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Rev and welcome them into the Brightcove Marketplace,” said Rajan Shah, VP of Marketplace at Brightcove. “Our customers know the importance of video accessibility, and we’re thrilled that it will now be even easier to connect them with this industry-leading tool.” 

Learn more about the Brightcove Marketplace and how easy it is to add captions: . The launch also comes ahead of Brightcove’s free virtual event, PLAY, on October 5-6. Register .

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