Speech-to-Text APIs

What is a Lexicon in Speech Recognition?

A key part of any automatic speech recognition system is the lexicon. The lexicon can be tricky to define because it’s sometimes used to mean different things depending on the context. In its most basic…

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Rev’s AI Experts Talk ASR and NLP on Stack Overflow Podcast

免费成人在线视频Three members of the Rev Speech Team recently appeared on the Stack Overflow Podcast to discuss natural language processing and the cutting-edge developments in speech-to-text systems, including Rev.ai, our own world-class speech recognition engine.  In…

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What is a Live Streaming Speech Recognition API?

免费成人在线视频Standard speech recognition services are perfect when you need to caption occasional videos or audio recordings. But for some needs, access to the underlying technology that powers these services can take your business further. This…

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