How to Get Chinese Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

Austin Canary

Aug 24, 2021

Chinese woman gets subtitles for professional videos

RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get Chinese Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

In this modern age, the internet is a global space. Every day, millions of people from different countries use it to enjoy videos and TV shows. Most importantly though, many of these people likely speak a whole host of different languages. As such, to reach them, you need to make your content understandable for them. Adding global language subtitles, like Chinese subtitles, is a great way to do this.

免费成人在线视频Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done for Chinese (without Rev, of course). Despite its status as the world’s second most spoken language, few US platforms or streaming services offer Chinese captions. Even when they are offered, they are often not standard.

However, all is not lost! Follow this simple guide to learn how to easily get quality Chinese subtitles for your videos with Rev.

Why Should You Get Chinese Subtitles?

With over , Mandarin Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages. Moreover, China  it possesses. So clearly, Chinese speakers make up a large percentage of people online. Without Chinese subtitles, your work would be unable to reach a huge potential audience. 

Adding Chinese subtitles will allow these millions of Chinese speakers to access your content. Furthermore, these viewers will likely be using a browser in their native language. Thus, the presence of Chinese subtitles will cause your video to rank much higher for Chinese search terms.

Getting Chinese Subtitles 

1. Go to

First, go to and select our foreign language subtitling service from the landing page. Then, select Get Started to begin your order.

2. Upload Your File

On the ‘Order Foreign Subtitles’ page, upload the file you want to subtitle. To do so, click on the Upload Files免费成人在线视频 button and then choose your desired file. Alternatively, you can share a link from a public website or pull videos directly from your YouTube or Vimeo page. 

Finishing that, choose your desired output file format. If you later change your mind, worry not! You can still alter this later on. Next, select the language you would like your video translated into. As well as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese language subtitles are also offered. Depending on their location and background, a viewer might use one or the other. If you intend to maximise you reach among your Chinese speaking audience, both are recommended. Whichever one you choose, you can be assured of Rev’s commitment to accuracy. Unmuddied translations are key for correctly exporting your message abroad.

Finally, you can choose to have your subtitles burned-in as opposed to open. Choosing this option will mean your subtitles will always appear on screen. This can be useful if your audience will only be Chinese speakers. However, if your final audience is not set in stone, open subtitles may be your best bet. They’ll allow you the flexibility to switch between languages, especially between Traditional and Simplified.

Following that, fill in the rest of your order details and checkout. Once your Chinese subtitles are done, you’ll be notified by email.

4. Edit Your Subtitles 

免费成人在线视频Although Rev guarantees 99% accuracy, it’s still possible you might want to tweak your subtitles. To do this, simply launch the Caption Editor and make your desired adjustments. You can easily access the editor through the ‘My Files’ page. Within the editor, drag your subtitle groups up or down to change their position. Additional menu options will allow you to alter spellings and much more.

5. Download Your Subtitles

When you are satisfied, select Download免费成人在线视频. If you ordered burned-in subtitles, you can download the video with the subtitles embedded. Otherwise, the subtitles will be provided as a sperate file.


Congrats! You can now order Chinese subtitles from Rev. Adding foreign language subtitles can really help you reach a larger audience. So, what are you waiting for? Start your order here.

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